Ben Hancock

Computational Journalism, Python, and Linux


Collecting Data from Messy Websites

If you're a journalist (or a student, or a researcher, or pretty much anyone else who relies on the internet for information), you've undoubtedly been in this situation: you want to save a bunch of data from a website, but it's in messy or uncopyable format. With so many sites …

Introducing CalScrape for Judicial Calendars

On the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, there are 31 different judges, each with their own separate court calendar. Each is juggling hundreds of cases at a time, at courthouses ranging from San Francisco, to Oakland, to San Jose, and as far north as Eureka …

What is Computational Journalism?

After I started my new job as Data Editor in the newsroom, I found that my family and others outside the office had a hard time understanding what, exactly, it was I would be doing. Explaining what a reporter does is straightforward enough; as I once jokingly summed it up …

  • Sat 25 August 2018
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Hello, world!

Hello, world! This is my first site made with a static site generator, using Pelican and GitHub Pages. I'm still tweaking all the settings but check back soon for more about...well, computational journalism and Python!